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From the architecture to the painting

Eduardo Niso was born in Bogota, Colombia on August 20th, 1937. He studied architecture in Venezuela and Colombia. Carrying a big interest in the journeys and in the discovery of the world, he came to France, and visited various countries of Europe including Russia in the 1970s.

As an architect he was interested in painting, and from the 1980s he dedicated himself to the artistic domain. In 1995, he went to New York where he asserted his vocation. In the1990s, Eduardo participated in various collective exhibitions in Medellin, Colombia.

The tragic death of his son in 1997 made him dedicate himself to his painting. Colours were to him a means to face the pain and to piece together life on canvas.
His works, between figurative and abstraction, present a very personal technique, named "Oil and Ink " that he deepens until the end of his life in 2008.

His pictorial practice developed over 20 years, leaves a collection of more than 160 paintings.

His inspiration

How Eduardo explains his art work:

“When I start a painting, I never think of what I am going to paint. The beginning of my inspiration is the space and the nature. I always love astronomy and it became the origin of my pictorial dreams. I work on canvas and on propalcote (magazine paper). Propalcote is a strongly resistant material and compliments my painting technique.

Art critics or analysts can explain the artwork better than the artist. The artists are the creators and with his/her broad knowledge they can select different themes. Being an artist is a magical experience that you cannot explain”.

His artwork and exhibitions

He left a collection of more than 160 paintings divided into 3 categories: abstract, abstract figurative and figurative. All paintings can be classified by subjects such as: Africa, Volcanoes, Space, Water, Mountains, Erotic Art, and Women, etc. De ses tableaux il y a une partie pour la vente et aussi il y a une collection personnelle que sa fille a gardée pour elle et sa famille. 

More details...

The retrospective “we are dust of the stars” was at the Galerie Mona Lisa from 7th – 18th September 2010. This retrospective showed the different artistic moments of my father. He started with figurative art influenced by Pablo Picasso and other artists like Miro and Kandinsky. Little by little he developed his technique “Oil & Ink” and finally the style that made him known, the abstract and the figurative abstract.

For his retrospective exhibition there were 19 paintings selected with the collaboration of a curator of the Museum of Antioquia, Conrado Uribe.

His last exhibition of 2010 “Collectif Artistes et Frontieres de Vie” was held from October 4th – 22nd 2010 in the City Hall of the 2nd district, Paris. This collective project promoted by the NGO Paroles de Nature invited 60 international artists with the objective to support the Sarayaku (aborigines) who defend the Amazon jungle from petroleum exploitation.
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