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Painter and Architect
Eduardo Niso (1937 - 2008 / Colombia) and his technique "Oil and Ink"
Art Work
Artistic process
Eduardo Niso in his own words expresses his artistic process:

“The painting is the greater expression of a sketch. In my case, the ultimate goal is the aesthetic result. This is a long and exhausting process of going truthfully from a sketch to a painting, and necessary in order to create great art.”

“Within the varying currents of contemporary art, I will continue to explore aesthetic elements, striving to capture my inspiration, to continually put into practice new ideas, and to follow step by step the course of my destiny."

“After exploring my technique, “oil and ink,” which I currently use throughout my work, I wish to present my art to Paris and Europe"
Rendez Vous

From the Andes to the Alps
Galerie Jean Marc Desloubières
From 3rd May to 23rd May 2012
27 rue Longchamp 75116 Paris

Three + 1 Collective exhibit
Artists: Silvia Depaire, Julia Maria Lopez, Arnaud Bruyère and Eduardo Niso
From 1st April to Monday 30th April 2012
Launch of the exhibition on Wednesday 11th March at 6.30 pm
Espace at the restaurant Eugène, 166, Boulevard Haussmann 75008 Paris

Between Heaven and Earth (Solo Exhibit)
From 14th January to 3rd march, 2012
Launch of the exhibition on Thursday 26th January at 6.30 pm
Hilton Paris La Défense
2 place de la Défense CNIT - BP 210, Paris, France 92053

Biennial event "Painters of the 16"
October 2011, 2009, 2007 et 2005
City Hall of the 16, Paris

Collective Exhibition held at “Galerie d’Art des Pyramides”
from January 11th to February 6th.
Address: 16 avenue de Saint-Germain 78560 Port Marly. 

Collective Exhibition"Artistes & Frontière de Vie"
from October 4th to 22nd 2010
Project "Frontière de Vie - Chemin de fleurs" for helping Kichwa people of Sarayaku (aborigines)
City Hall of the 2nd district, Paris.

The retrospective “we are dust of the stars”
Eduardo Niso (1937-2008)
from 7th to 18th September 2010. 

Galerie Mona Lisa
32, rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris

Oil and Ink
Technique "oil and ink ", as the artist called it, allows an expression of abstract and figurative art filled with vivid colors and joy. Themes vary, some works are dedicated to Colombia, and others address broader issues and celebrate other cultures, nature, or simply evoke eras and topics such as love, nostalgia, the exodus.

In France after the exhibitions "Petit Format" at the Colombian Consulate, Paris and "Le Salon 2004" from the Society of French Artists, Eduardo Niso participated in “La Palette” the 7th Biennial City Council Craponne (69290) where he was pleased to win the "Incentive Award" voted by the jury on September 24, 2005.

The artist had the honor of participating in the "Salon des peintres du XVIème" organized by the City Hall of the 16th district of Paris in 2005, 2007 and 2009.

The Society of Amateur Artists of Paris invited him as an international artist to collective exhibition "Le Salon 2006".

In the United States, the artist participated in two very successful solo exhibitions. The first at the Colombian Consulate in New York and the second in the offices of the multinational insurance company, Prudential in New Jersey where Eduardo Niso was elected Hispanic Artist of 2002.

Eduardo also donated one of his works to “Comp2kids”, a charity event sponsored by several large U.S. companies aiming to raise funds for schools in Harlem. Eduardo Niso was the only Colombian artist to participate in this event.

After his death his daughter C.N.M. represents him and hopes to continue exhibiting his work in France and worldwide.
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